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In order to better handle your comments and questions we have set up several different addresses. Please read through the descriptions and use the appropriate address. Thanks for your interest in MovieLens.

Account Problems:
Send mail to if you are having problems with your account. For example, login problems. We will try to deal with these issues in a timely manner.

Web Site Problems:
If the system gives you an error message, or you believe that some component of the web site is broken, please send mail to We will try to deal with these issues in a timely manner.

Movie Content Issues/Comments:
If you can't find movies that you want to rate, discover an error in the information about a movie, or have other comments about the movies listed on MovieLens, please send them to

General Comments/Suggestions:
Send mail to if you have suggestions or comments for the MovieLens team. Messages to this address will rarely be responded to, but they will be considered for future improvements.


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