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MovieLens also great advanced features, including:

  1. Your Movie Wishlist
    Ever wanted to keep track of the movies you'd like to see, but never get around to seeing? In MovieLens, you can add movies to your Movie Wishlist. You can even print your Wishlist and take it to you video rental shop!

    In this image, the movie 'About a Boy' has been added to this user's WishList.

  2. Movie Buddies
    It can be hard to find a good movie to watch with a group of people. Not with MovieLens Movie Buddies. If they allow you, you can be Buddies with any other MovieLens user and generate personalized group recommendations. Now, you and your friends can always find the right movies to watch -- together.

    This image shows the user has one buddy named 'Dapper Dan'. By checking on the box, Dan could be added to any search this user performs to generate a group recommendation.

  3. Shortcuts to Saved Searches
    Setting up a movie search tuned to your exact needs can take a little time. Especially if you want to run this search every Friday to find a new movie to watch. In MovieLens, you can now save the search and re-run it any time you want with just one mouse click. This includes searches with your Movie Buddies.

    This image shows how to add a search as a shortcut.

There is more information available from Help within MovieLens. You'll have to join and then log in to be able to view it.

MovieLens is a free service provided by GroupLens Research at the University of Minnesota.